At KK Consultancy LTD, we pride ourselves on providing clients with services that meet professional standards, whilst using world class technologies in the production of digital solutions. The methodologies and technologies used are cutting edge and we are always up to date with latest trends in our industry in order to implement and service our clients.

Our team

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Samson Korawali

Head of Digital & Co-Founder

Samson has fifteen years of industry experience working on multiple digital projects locally and internationally across the education, mining, government, and corporate sectors. Also an entrepreneur, Samson owns multiple tech start-ups in Sydney, working and developing bio-metric solutions using finger print and face recognition technology, developing and engineering mobile apps as well as using his game development skills to simulate 3D Visualisations for clients in the mining, architectural and government sectors.

Yivan Gabut


Yivan has 15 years experience in software engineering, architecture, management and design, and across all aspects of software life cycle and delivery, primarily performing solution design, architecture and development, for large enterprise clients in Australia, USA, England, India, Thailand, Papua New Guinea and South East Asian Countries, and with experience in Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications, Government, Aviation, Mailing and Security. He specialises in software integration, migration, enterprise architecture and design in complex technology eco-systems.

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